We take our responsibilities as an employer very seriously. We take good care of our new employees, but we also challenge them from the very beginning by giving them responsibilities very quickly.

Ranked as one of “America’s Best Independent Agencies to Work For,” we are searching for smart people who love to help clients reduce the cost of risk to join our growing team. You’ll work alongside a talented, friendly, diverse group of people who all love to learn new things and deliver client value.

Meaningful. Inspiring. Fun. These are a few of the words people use to describe their careers at KMRD Partners. As one of us, you’re encouraged to exercise autonomy in your decision making and also work collaboratively as part of the team. Every position at KMRD is impactful and plays a central role in our projects as well as the growth of the company. For qualified candidates, we offer:


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צירת קשר עם תמיכה טכנית ישירות מהוואטסאפ

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אנו מציעים לכם פתרונות אופטימליים המשלבים מוצרים מהחברות המובילות בעולם אם ידע הנדסי של למעלה מ-35 שנה.
תנו לנו את האתגר, הצוות שלנו ימצא את הפתרון.


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